Deri Store, since its establishment in 1980, offers its every product to its customers with the same excitement with its designs combining leather with fashion its own peculiar models in Turkey.

Offering high-quality products and production models and winning high appreciation over the years, Deri Store, with the growing success, is one of the leading companies in the sector. It has succeeded in an important position by making products for companies with high brand value at international level and exporting directly to many countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa, Greece, and Russia.

Considering the changing consumer expectations and closely following the work of the global markets with fashion weeks and fairs as well and renewing itself with its collections, the brand is pleased to be the choice of a wide audience with its own trends. Seeing the leather like a second personality rather than an attire, Deri Store team provides the users with a stylish way to express their lifestyle and characters and subtlety with each production it created on contemporary vision. 

In the process from raw material entirely obtained from Anatolia, to the presentation stage, a journey of the leather being processed through integrated transactions is based on hand workmanship. After the products with 100% Turkish goods being come to life in the hands of the meticulous and skillful craftsmen, they are presented to the one' s taste as multiple-choice models. Thanks to the secure online medium, all leather products, and accessories in the collections can be shopped online.

By adopting providing better service to its customers as a principle and without compromising from unconditional customer satisfaction philosophy, Deri Store has been presenting its productions and services, whom it supports with appropriate price policy and which contains fashion and quality, in every corner of the world. Both in wholesale and retail areas; by improving customer-focused and fiduciary business relationships and by providing necessary supports during and after sales it always aims "better" and " further".